Rake launch campaign for NBC Universal

We worked closely with NBC Universal’s creative UK team to the launch US offering, Rake. The show stars Greg Kinnear as an out spoken and self-destructive criminal defense lawyer who takes on the most challenging cases.

One of the tag lines for the show is ” It’s not all black & white”; this was the line that NBC creative wanted to utilise in the on screen graphics. The Studio created various concept and moodboard frames showing different typographic and image executions that could be used for the promo graphics and endboard within a black and white palette.

One the style was approved, the Studio@Smoke&Mirrors then proceeded to animate the type and images to create the vignettes within the sequence and for the endboard elements.

Dan Andrew the studio’s CD remarked “One of the more challenging parts of the project was retaining the animation style in the time permitted, whilst ensuring onscreen legibility”. Guillaume Weiss senior VFX artist on the Studio team successfully managed this as well as giving parallax to the frozen show footage.

All graphics were created and composited in AfterEffects, and graded in da Vinci Resolve by Dan Moran.

Post-production: The Studio@Smoke & Mirrors

Exec Producer: Kabir Malik