Fluid credit-card; beautifully engineered

This brief required us to envisage the Fluid credit card’s latest TVC, reflecting the unique tone and attributes the card offers its customers.

Dan Andrew, (head of The Studio@Smoke & Mirrors), wanted to play on key words taken from the script such as ‘engineered’, ‘uniquely advanced’ and ‘beautifully simple’.

He and his team saw the card echoing the aspirations usually reserved for products such as Apple and Audi, creating a visual animation which showcased the Fluid card in such a way that the audience came away feeling the card is more than just a credit card, it’s a beautifully crafted product of design, a carefully thought out technological masterpiece, designed specifically for each viewer.

Everything from the sharp simplistic edges of the card to the individually moulded letters of the customer’s name would all be considered and engineered to deliver simply the best credit card on the market today.


Agency Media Ingenuity

VFX/Post The Studio@Smoke & Mirrors

Exec Producer Kabir Malik