Rejection Beating Animation for

Another collabortaion with, (formerly MediaIngenuity), on a campaign to promote the credit card comparison site

The brief required attracting customers to the comparison site by highlighting various advantages of using the search engine. For example, avoiding the risk of a damaged credit score through being rejected by letting the site choose the most appropriate cards for the applicant’s current financial position. Key facts, such as someone’s application for a credit card being rejected every 6 seconds, or using the site to find the best APR rates, were incorporated into the creative.

The team at The Studio@Smoke&Mirrors, led by director, Dan Andrew, won the competitive pitch with the selected route involving two characters, Hero and Rejection. Character development was based around the concept of Rejection representing credit card companies, and Hero representing the applicant, and ultimately the TM end-user.

TheStudio worked on character development with in-house concept artists and, once characters were agreed by the client, TheStudio then modelled and storyboarded the animation; the storyboard phase resulted in a paper edit detailing all main poses and action. Once stage timings were determined for shot lengths, the CG team started looking at rigging and animation. Rigging was undertaken by a team at Smoke & Mirrors in New York, whilst the London team focused on modelling, texturing and animation.

TheStudio Nuke team created looks for both characters in terms of grade and environment and once the animation and looks had been signed off by the client, full compositing commenced, bringing the animation to life. The slime excreted by the rejection characters needed to look real and fluid-like, so it was decided to use wall paper paste, a black rubber glove and Canon 7d camera, with the drips filmed at 50fps then tracked and composited onto the shots, creating realistic slime drools and splashes.

The final spot was graded in Resolve and taken back into composite to apply the final camera moves, optics and hand-held shakes.

The music track, audio and sound design were all composed and engineered in-house by the Smoke & Mirrors audio team.

Production in total from conception through to completion took 6 weeks.


Client: Totally Money
Media Agency: Media Ingenuity

Creative/Production: TheStudio@Smoke & Mirrors
Executive Producer: Kabir Malik