Mary-Sue Masson’s star rising in these sweet spots for Haribo

Haribo have released two ads for its Starmix sweets featuring adults talking like young children. The first spot was set in a company boardroom, the second/latest takes place in a cinema, and launched on-air in last week. They were both created by Trevor Robinson and Mary-Sue Masson.  As if that wasn’t enough for the super-talented Mary-Sue, she also directed both spots, also through Quiet Storm.

The lastest, Cinema, can be viewed here:

Following on from the well-received Boardroom, which Nick Hastings, co-founder and creative director at Krow, had the following to say about in Campaign’s Private View, published 27.02.14: “The Haribo commercial is a packet-full of dopey fun. Grey-suited horrors in a boardroom become instantly likeable when they talk about their favourite Starmixes, simply because they are lip-synching to charming and totally believable kids’ voices. It’s brilliantly performed, and the director has had the good sense to keep it all beautifully understated (the actors take on the body language of kids, but so you laugh rather than cringe)…”