Pepsi’s brave new world – absolutely brilliant!!

pepsi_iconic_refreshement_pepsiicon1_aotw pepsi_iconic_refreshement_pepsiicon2_aotw pepsi_iconic_refreshement_pepsiicon3_aotw

Client brief: create iconic poster campaign around schools and universities that combines the strength and uniqueness of the shape and the colour code of the pepsi logo with its aspiration of total refreshment.

Design process: the blue and red colour code is used globally by the medical profession to illustrate the cardiac system and is also the colour code of one of the world’s iconic brands – look carefully at the details, and spot the origin of the Pepsi icon!

Results: this low budget campaign had a great public response.  It was distributed virally via social media on design, illustration and advertising blogs.  Many posters were purchased by fans, with some even being stolen from public spaces…

Advertiser : PEPSICO
Product : PEPSI
Entrant : BBDO GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Type of Entry : Graphic Design & Design Crafts
Category : Posters
Advertiser/Client : PEPSICO
Product/Service : PEPSI
Entrant Company : BBDO GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Advertising Agency : BBDO GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY