Become a viral hit and make $500,000

Just read about a home video uploaded to YouTube in 2007, Charlie Bit My Finger.  Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it, yet the total number of views it has received is around 500m.  Er, yes, half a b-i-l-l-i-o-n views!  Astounding – it’s cute, but really?!  Anyway, that’s not the point of this post, what’s perhaps even more amazing is that Howard Davies-Carr, the filmmaker, has “from the various different things we have made about $500,000″…

Apparently, the venture also led to the creation of a new business, Viral Spiral, because the person Davies-Carr turned to in order to leverage the interest the film had made, Damian Collier, realised there was a great opportunity to advise viral “stars” on contracts.

So what makes a film go viral?  And how to then create revenue about it.  Well, I don’t think there’s an exact science behind creating a viral smash, but Kevin Alloca, trends manager at YouTube, is probably in as good a place as any to provide the answer – take a look at this film from a talk he gave at TEDYouth, in November, 2011:

And to answer the second question – well, why not give the guys at Viral Spiral a call once you’ve reached a respectably sized audience – but just bear in mind that every minute 48 hours-worth of video is uploaded to YouTube, so there’s a lot of competition from which to break through!


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